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Donate/Advertise is a free web counter (hit counter). The aim of the service is to provide its members with a valuable statistics for their web page visitors. You can choose from four designs or you can put an invisible web counter in order to keep the visitor count private.


Welcome to the banner farm. These images are contributed by the old users of the system. You can place any of them on your website and link 'em back to As I already said, a link back is required only for the sites that use the invisible web counter (stealth mode). The others may or may not do it. Your choice but I'll appreciate your support.
Please, do not hotlink the images from this location. If you like a banner and wish to use it, you must rightclick and save it to your hard-drive, and put it on your website with the proper link ( Feel free to submit new banners to my e-mail:

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darkcounter3.gif, 11k, 150x71
darkcounter3.gif, 11k, 150x71 (non-transparent)
Contributed by Iain MacMillan

counter.jpg, 4k, 147x36
counter.jpg, 4k, 147x36 (non-transparent)
Contributed by Dustin Fair

counter5.gif, <1k, 114x18
counter5.gif, <1k, 114x18 (transparent for dark backgrounds)
Contributed by disintegration

darkcounter.jpg, 9k, 200x40
darkcounter.jpg, 9k, 200x40 (non-transparent)

standrd1.jpg, 13k, 400x60
standrd1.jpg, 14k, 400x60 (non-transparent)

counter7.gif, 18k, 331x144
counter7.gif, 18k, 331x144 (non-transparent)
Contributed by Grayson

darkct.gif, 6k, 438x96
darkct.gif, 6k,438x96 (transparent for dark backgrounds)
Contributed by Jennarae

DarkCtrClrAn.gif, 37k, 190x40
DarkCtrClrAn.gif, 37k, 190x40 (non-transparent, animated)
Contributed by ShellSeeker

Dark.gif, 11k, 213x79
Dark.gif, 11k, 213x79 (non-transparent)
Contributed by Anna Lofstrom

dcbanner.jpg, 8k, 435x90
dcbanner.jpg, 8k, 435x90 (non-transparent)
Contributed by Wilted Spirit

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