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Donate/Advertise is a free web counter (hit counter). The aim of the service is to provide its members with a valuable statistics for their web page visitors. You can choose from four designs or you can put an invisible web counter in order to keep the visitor count private.


Welcome to the banner farm. These images are contributed by the old users of the system. You can place any of them on your website and link 'em back to As I already said, a link back is required only for the sites that use the invisible web counter (stealth mode). The others may or may not do it. Your choice but I'll appreciate your support.
Please, do not hotlink the images from this location. If you like a banner and wish to use it, you must rightclick and save it to your hard-drive, and put it on your website with the proper link ( Feel free to submit new banners to my e-mail:

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darkcounter5.gif, 7k, 233x60
darkcounter5.gif, 7k, 233x60 (transparent)
Contributed by Joan J. Lopez Rondoni

darkcounter6.gif, 3k, 116x30
darkcounter6.gif, 3k, 116x30 (transparent)
Contributed by Joan J. Lopez Rondoni

darkcounter7.gif, 26k, 491x63
darkcounter7.gif, 26k, 491x63 (non-transparent)
Contributed by :eric:fluX:

darkcounterlogo.jpg, 10k, 259x135
darkcounterlogo.jpg, 10k, 259x135 (non-transparent)
Contributed by fLaMie

DarkC.jpg, 2k, 188x36 (non-transparent)
Contributed by Dune

DarkN.jpg, 2k, 263x37
DarkN.jpg, 2k, 263x37 (non-transparent)
Contributed by Dune

darkcounter8.jpg, 9k, 300x56
darkcounter8.jpg, 9k, 300x56 (non-transparent)
Contributed by

counter8.gif, 5k, 256x105
counter8.gif, 5k, 256x105 (transparent for dark backgrounds)
Contributed by

DarkCounter9.jpg, 16k, 494x138
DarkCounter9.jpg, 16k, 494x138 (non-transparent)
Contributed by Sakriphice

dcbanner2.gif, 13k, 468x60
dcbanner2.gif, 13k, 468x60 (non-transparent, animated)
Contributed by oVeRRiDe

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