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Traffic Tips is a free web counter (hit counter). The aim of the service is to provide its members with a valuable statistics for their web page visitors. You can choose from four designs or you can put an invisible web counter in order to keep the visitor count private.

Web traffic or how to get more visitors to your web site

Well, I think that on a site like that offers a free web counter, I need to tell a few words on how to attract some more eyeballs to view your webpage. In other words – there is no use putting a hit counter if there are no visitors to count.

From my humble web experience I've found out that it's much easier to build a web page, than to make it popular. There are thousands of hungry web-masters who are adding more and more pages to the Internet. So, the task to be seen gets harder every day.

But before starting to discuss the traffic tips that come to my mind, I'd like to say something about the sites you are making. You know, a site has the chance to get popular and get web visitors if it offers something valuable that people need. A very good example is – the first picture rating site. According to what it's owners say, they haven't made some particular effort to make it popular. It just happened with the help of the “word of mouth” principle. The first visitors liked the site and told their friends, who told their friends and so on, triggering an avalanche of traffic.

In other words, the content of your web site is one of the crucial elements of your popularity.

So, there are a few things you can do in order to get your hit counter moving. I'll divide the tips in two groups – Free and Paid traffic.

Free Traffic | Paid Traffic

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